About us...

Scontec is Innovation. In a diversified multinational group of companies.

Our history reaches back 12 years when the major Indian part of the company got established as Siddharth Creations Pvt Ltd. in Mumbai. 

Focus of business: Design and production of Point-of-Sale material.

In 2009 the German consulting & technology company Scontec GmbH got established by the former Head of International Purchasing of a world leading energy drink manufacturer. Scontec stands for "Steinmann Consulting & Technologies" with a focus on LED-Technology mainly in the field of POS.

2010 Scontec Asia Co. Ltd., Hongkong followed as the sourcing arm and International sales office for Scontec. 



In 2011 the businesses merged to generate synergies and strengthen their market position.


Siddharth Creations turned into Scontec India Pvt. Ltd.. The focus moved from POS material to more complex retail solutions such as Shop-in-Shop systems, ATM/Banking kiosks and even entire flagship stores. Several regional offices got established throughout the year. 

In 2011 also Scontec Systems Pvt. Ltd. got established in India.

Focus of business: Environmental technology, products and components for the Point-of-Sale industry.

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